Welcome to Say's Salish Summer.

This July, 2024 I will attempt to paddle the majority of Puget Sound, part of the Salish Sea in my Cantare, Outrigger Canoe. For those of you wondering what the "Majority of Puget Sound" is? I think its incorporating parts of the San Juans, North and South Sound. I anticipate a journey of 300-400 miles give or take. She (Puget Sound) is a large interconnected water way spanning from the Pacific Ocean through Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma and Everett and "is the second-largest estuary in the United States". She is also where my family holds history and so many memories. As a kid the Sound seemed endless yet limited to our little stretch of beach and protected inlet. Reaching middle age and after having explored these waters thanks to the Seventy48 Race, Salish 100 and other excursions, I have an aching desire to explore more if not all.

I will attempt this journey while hoping to continue to raise awareness and funds furthering my Zero Waste efforts in water sports events and water bodies. The connection between a healthy human and a healthy planet is direct but still mostly overlooked. As I paddle Puget Sound this summer I intend to pick up trash as I let some of my baggage go. Because nothing happens in a vacuum and we need each other no matter how much of a recluse I may be I'll be relying on the amazing Washington Water Trails Association for their camp sites along the way and support from their knowledgable members and adventurers that came before me. Check them out here. WWTA Website Of the funds raised, 10% will go to WWTA and 10% will go to Seastr who is connecting women on the water and creating windows and doors where walls used to exist. Seastr Website.

The rest of the funds raised will be put to use for this journey and as I continue to try to be a Zero Waste Racer, Paddler and Human. In Southern California we are making our races Zero Waste affecting change and reducing our footprints at populated races all along the Southern California Coast check out SCORA's Zero Waste Website. I am an ambassador for 5Gyres who, through science and adventure is working to reduce the harm of plastic pollution on people and the planet. 5Gyres Website In Oregon we are cleaning a creek that has been blocked by styrofoam and treated wood from old docks. My little company Trash Tramp's soul purpose is to help paddlers and non paddling humans lighten their footprint on this planet. While I metaphorically tramp around in my little canoe I hope to make a small difference in this world. If you would consider supporting me in this adventure I will be forever grateful and work that much harder to reduce waste. Please stay tuned, I'll make updates as my plans come to fruition.  

Click here to Help The Trash Tramp Paddle Puget Sound this Summer, 2024

Trash Tramp Store

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Compostable Stickers
Steps to saving the planet can be as small as this sticker.  A portion of sticker sales go to non profits.   Add Purchase link and Purelables.com Link   Email TheTrashTramp@gmail.com for Sales.

Trashy Clothing Line

Fast Fashion will one day be a thing of the past.  Buying second hand is best but if you must buy new try companies that are good for the planet, small business, local and companies that are doing good. .  More Shirts to come.  Email TheTrashTramp@gmail.com for Sales. 
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Growing Out Of Trash
2nd hand is "high class" as my grandfather used to say, you save money and the environment.  What could be classier than that.  Now with our Growing Out of Trash Clothing line you are giving clothes a 2nd chance and a cause.  Commission based and custom made these Trash Tramp garments will be one of a kind and a portion of the sales go to non profits geared toward saving the planet and its inhabitants.   Email TheTrashTramp@gmail.com for Sales.