If you made it to this page because you want to help The Trash Tramp pay for some of the clean up expense please send us an email to tell us which expenses you want to help pay for and we can send you a Venmo or Paypal request.  Some of the expenses could be, trailer rental, car repairs, trash bags, dump runs, reusable gloves and other tools that will help clean some trash off our roads.   Trash Tramp, inc is a corporation and for profit but so far we are mostly spending money and picking up trash.  The contributions you make here are non refundable and Intended to offset our expenses for actions that benefit the planet.  Thanks for the help. Together we can save the planet! 

Trash Tramp Store

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Compostable Stickers
Steps to saving the planet can be as small as this sticker.  A portion of sticker sales go to non profits.   Add Purchase link and Link   Email for Sales.
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Trashy Clothing Line
Supplies are limited send us a message for Availability @TheTrashTramp

-Trash Tramp Tanks come in Seafoam Green or Blue $30 plus Tax and Shipping

-Long sleeves come in Grey:  $30 Plus Tax and Shipping

-Hoodies come in Blue or Green $50 Plus Tax and Shipping

-Trash Tramp Tees come in Blue or Black $25 Plus Tax and Shipping

Trashy Clothing Line

Fast Fashion will one day be a thing of the past.  Buying second hand is best but if you must buy new try companies that are good for the planet.  Our shirts are made by Recover Brands a 1% for the planet company uses 100% recycled materials.  Check out our Shirts here.  Email for Sales. 
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No Zip Hoodie
Hoodie with Zip Front

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Growing Out Of Trash
2nd hand is "high class" as my grandfather used to say, you save money and the environment.  What could be classier than that.  Now with our Growing Out of Trash Clothing line you are giving clothes a 2nd chance and a cause.  Commission based and custom made these Trash Tramp garments will be one of a kind and a portion of the sales go to non profits geared toward saving the planet and its inhabitants.   Email for Sales.