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The West Coast is going Zero Waste

Zero Waste Races and Events

In 2019 SCORA founded the Environmental Committee. We have been working on ways to be better stewards of our home planet. In 2022 and 2023 we made great efforts toward zero waste races.  In 2024 we plan to be even better.  Help us lighten our footprints for our home race in Marina Del Rey by donating to our Zero Waste Fund.  The link will take you directly to to make a tax deductible donation.  Please make sure to note that your donation is for the Zero Waste Fund!

Help The Trash Tramp Paddle Puget Sound, Summer 2024
Click here to donate to Marina Outrigger Zero Waste fund

For the Birds

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Trash Tramp

For the paddler

Send us your paddle award ribbons and we will make you a keep sake functional Trash Tramp.  You can save the planet while you paddle.  #TrainingOutTheTrash

Upcycle your ribbons that otherwise would be collecting dust.  Each bag made will benefit the planet two fold.   More to Come.

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Trash Tramp

For you

Linking you with companies that have the earth in mind.

We have shirts made from recycled materials

We have compostable stickers made by Pure Labels.

More to come!

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Save the Planet: Spread Awareness.

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Talk Trash and Clean the Beach

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Trash Tramp in Action

Every Day is an opportunity to save the planet.

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Catalina Island

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The Trash Tramp

Flocking together to save the planet! 

The Process

The Trash Tramp

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Price range varies

Try training with a boat full of trash. Try to paddle past the trash. Now you don't have to.  Paddlers tend to collect awards and most of those awards have a cloth ribbon thats just collecting dust waiting to be thrown out or reused.  Send us your ribbons and they can have new life.

  Want a functional keepsake of your paddle success purchase The Trash Tramp and help save the planet.        More to come.

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For Everyone
A percentage of profits will be given to organizations for the planet

Organizations we support: 5Gyres, ChangingTides Foundation, MDROCC. 

We are all connected: Planet, People, Wildlife.

Composting Resources:   

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Give love without limitation.

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If you want to team up, buy products or just tell us what you are doing to save the planet we want to hear from you.